Girl Friday: Robyn


It’s been about a million years since I did a Girl Friday, but then I never very good at maintaining anything resembling a routine. Last night, whilst washing the dishes, I was listening to Robyn and I thought she’d make a great candidate.

Swedish-born, Robyn’s been belting out pop records since the early 90s and decades on, still exudes a kind of cool that seems to get better with age. Something of a fashion outsider, her style has always had a strong 90s leaning towards it, as well as an androgynous edge. Her trademark white-blonde coif is an accessory unto itself and it has evolved with trends over time. It gives her a dual strength and vulnerability that is the driving force behind her electro-pop hits. I always find that peroxided hair on a woman lends a strange power – think of Madonna and Gwen Stefani – two other longstanding female soloists who channel potent feminine archetypes.

I think she does pop just right.


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